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Since 2015 I have rediscovered my passion for making work and found the inspiration to do it through changing my lifestyle and my outlook on life.  I have suffered on and off throughout my life from depression and I self medicated for years in a very Scottish way.  

In 2015 I changed that and instead bought myself a camera and revisited some old places where nearly 20 years before I'd taken the pictures that got me into Art School to study Environmental Art at GSA.  The feeling I got taking those pictures was electric and reminded me of what I had been teaching others to do but not doing much of myself, I learned how to look at things the way I wanted to see them again.

From then I have developed my own visual language and use my work as a means to explore my past, growing up in Glasgow, and my prehistory through exploring the origins of my family in North East Scotland,  I also look at my present and try to make work about what inspires me as I see it.

I graduated in 2001 and in 2005 I trained as a teacher (after a brief couple of years in London) and have taught full time in Scotland since 2006.  

I spent nearly nine years of my career in Linlithgow and in the time I spent there was inspired by the students I worked with enough to start up an Artists Collective with them and for a 2 year period ran a small Art Gallery (LCCA)

I am also fortunate to be the father of two beautiful daughters Katie and Isabella.

I continue to work and live in Scotland with my amazing and ever patient wife Charlotta 


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