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April 2015 'Demarcation' Solo Show  The Line Gallery, Linlithgow


October 2015 'Glasgow Examined' Part 1 Solo Show, The Veneer Gallery, Glasgow

October 2015 Various works consigned to Arts XPose, Zeewolde Gallery, Netherlands

November 2015 'Remembrance' Black Bitch Pub, Linlithgow

February 2016 Linlithgow Art Collective Inaugural Group Show, The Line Gallery

April 2016 'I am Kurious Oranj'  Solo show and musical collaboration The Old Hairdressers Glasgow

August 2016 Solo show of varied works Linlithgow Centre for Contemporary Arts

November 2016 Featured Artist at Glasgow Print Studio

March 2017 Contributing Artist Group show Scottish Identity at Gallery 23, Edinburgh

June-July 2017 Featured Artist Street Style Exhibition show At Gallery 23, Edinburgh

October 2019  Art Manet Contemporary Art Fair, Paris

November2019 Kensington town hall Art Fair

November 2021 Glasgow Print Studio featured artist

Featured Artist: Peter J Scott | 5 - 27 November 2021 |

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