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Long day doing this!

Really chuffed with the site, although its taken me long enough to get round to making one! I have spent a good few hours putting it together, and accidentally deleted my first, first version but lets just call that a practice run! There is still some editing to do, more images to add and more options to consider for the shop, as well as adding an online payment scheme, I also want to make it possible for people to pay in instalments as that's how I've bought art in the past myself, I think it's a great idea so if it's something you're interested in as an option let me know.

I am going to add as a side blog my collection of images (inspired by a conversation with a tube called Graham Thomson) called 'Peter points' this is effectively a collection of images of me pointing at pictures I like. Sadly they are not for sale but if you really want one let me know :)

Me looking done in.jpg

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