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Glasgow Examined(West end) Show 1of 3

(me in 1999)

As you might have seen on here I have made a few bits of work for this first show, I'm happy with the photos on the site but the work looks so much better when it's in front of you, particularly with the bigger pieces as the colours really jump out, I'm taking it as a good sign that I still want to look at them for ages, and that I keep getting idea's by doing so, Ideally I would make huge versions of some of them I would love to do a frescoe proportioned wall of 'the bells' in somewhere like the Arches, shame it's fucking closed.

Anyway the plan is that I do three exhibitions under this title. West is first, Centre is second and then finally East would be last. The aim is to exhibit as locally as possible to the area examined. The work is all biographical, based on experiences I have had in each area of the city, the content of the work is a reflection of how the city is mapped by memory, the titles of the work are a point of access for the viewer in some respects, as song titles they provide a wider cultural context for others to engage with, but they are also time specific to the locations in the work as they were part of the soundtrack that related to those times and places.

The work is a personal visual interpratation of the West end of Glasgow in the 1990's but I believe the architecture, the various flats, the colours, the streets, the after parties, the Sunday afternoons and everything that went with that is a big part of that time for a lot of people. And I hope it hasn't changed that much. I spoke with a former student of mine they were telling me they had just moved into West Princes Street, it's reputation for mental parties apparently hasn't changed. I didn't feel old hearing that, instead I was quite happy, some traditions were born to last through generations and crawling out of West Princes Street flats should be one of them.

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