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Don't just forget because its not on the telly anymore...Calais' refugees still need your he

I remember when I was a young man at art school a woman who was into saving the environment using the term 'think global act local', and I remember thinking it was a lot of shite. As I've got older I realised I was the one full of shite, and in many respects still am. However I like to think for a while now I've 'got it' a bit better.

A few weeks back we all saw a striking and painful image on our tv's computers phones and wristwatches etc that made us want to do something, this week we are getting over our PM trying to get sucked off by a dead pig. This tells me something about how throw away we are of everything and anything, so I am aiming to stay more focussed on what matters to me personally and thats not the sexploits of an Old Etonian. Keep giving your support to those who you can, all men bleed and the lives of those in Calais are just as significant as the little boy from the beach.

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