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Beer Wines & Spirit (of Jah)

Having attended some good exhibitions and degree shows in the past, (I Have particularly good memories, or perhaps lack, of Product design degree show legendary bar set ups) the alcoholic content is always a big part of a good show. So I have been on a mission to rally support for the exhibition in this respect. Firstly a big thank you to The State bar on Holland street who have managed to source me some Fyne ale and wine for the show, a massive thank you go to Jason and Nancy for their support and contribution, if you have never been to the State bar how do you even know me? Secondly a big thanks to the Variety bar, they are giving a couple of cases of beer, the bar actually features in some of my work as it is the basis of some of the most signinficant moments that the exhibition is based upon. I am also in negotiation with another couple of bars who's input will also merit a mention in time, and who play a part as cultural reference point for the show. I for one wont be drinking anything that I source as I have (as most of you will probably be aware) given it up, which of course means much more for you. So please come along to the show and afterwards pay a visit to some of the most important bars in Glasgow.

Music as you all shall know is being provided on Friday night by legendary sound system Internal Dread.

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