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Glasgow Examined (West end booze)

Started hanging the show last night, and have sore hands this morning, I was feeling a wee bit stressed last night this was eased somewhat by the arrival of JT with my first consignment of refreshments courtesy of the State Bar (once again, huge thanks to Jason & Nancy, can't thank you enough really) and The Variety bar who I hope to see at the show, again thank you guys for the contribution. Earlier in the day I spoke with a top fellow called Johnny who just so happens to run a rather fine establishment called Nice n Sleazy (a fine contribution, thank you so much). The first pub in Glasgow I ever drank in. Sleazies like the Variety and the State is a cultural hub of Glasgow's creative scene, both musically and visually, (it also does rather splendid food) it doesnt need any introduction to anyone who knows the better side of Glasgow.

In short I have a lot of liquid refreshment available, and I still have a bit of a show to hang and a few other things to do before 6pm this evening. I just wanted to make sure I said a big thank you to those who have helped to provide the hospitality, especially JT for delivering it.

So other activity last night involved my second eye coming around to give me a second eye on things, thank you second eye, I will quit smoking thanks to you, but also thank you for your curatorial eye.

Stevies sound system is amazing, so good in fact that we received a complaint via Environmental Health for the bass being too good. So it is very much in the spirit of the inspiration behind the show, as is the speaker set up, you may see one of the best uses of a tea trolley other than for serving tea this evening.

Finally a big thank you to my logistics team Maw and Paw for picking up the work from lithgae and Fiona and Emma (2) for helping me to get the work to the gallery.

Anyway I'm off to get on with the show, so thanks again, and I will see you all later for the takeover.

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