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The show at the weekend was a great success and with all the positive feedback I received and interest in the work I have taken a lot on board. I have decided to take my process/stlye forward from this exhibition towards more 'bespoke' art work, and so if you are reading this and would be interested in a piece of work based on your street/house/lifestyle/record collection get in touch. It would simply be a case of discussing what you would want to see potentially in the work, me taking some photographs then making up a few collages showing you the proofs and on the basis of your choice from the collages I will then get the work blown up in scale and draw into it, creating your own besoke piece of art work for your collection. It could also make quite a nice gift idea. Just send me an email and we can start discussing it, and please don't worry your not commiting to anything by enquiring.

email me at either or

Thanks again,


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