Commissions available in shop now

With Christmas on the horizon (this year has moved quickly) I have decided to undertake commissions at quite reasonable prices and have set up three different sizes of drawing for people to choose from.

If you want to buy one simply visit the shop link below click on the size option you want then buy your commissioned work. You then follow up by simply emailing me the location/building you want the commission of and I will have it made and posted to you within two weeks. I will only be making bespoke commissions for areas within the central region of Scotland (I could do London at a push). I am happy to make work based on locations in Italy, Holland and Belgium on request.

Let me know if you are interested by emailing me at

Remember all the work I make is tailored to your choice of location and you are buying a bespoke piece of work in an original style. there will only ever be one original and you'll own it. It's an ideal gift to share your memories with someone as you are celebrating something or somewhere that's specific to them or to you both.

Feel free just to browse and see what else is on the site :)!shop/ctcl

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