Volunteering in Lesvos

Been really busy organising exhbitions and other projects as well as teaching and getting things prepared for Lesvos, had to re-adjust the order I am sending out today as it came back as hazardous due to spraypaints!! So sending more acrylics instead. If anyone wants to donate some sponges and old brushes for the workshops I am doing that would be cool, message me through here, I also might set up another wee justgiving page to add a wee bit more to the pot. Its becoming more real after getting the jabs and I am looking forward to getting out and starting the murals, but I am also quite scared as well, will update this later.

Just to let you know I arrive on Lesvos on the 30th of March and am there for 5 days working with the PIKPA camp on some murals with refugees to give some light relief to the ordeal they fuind themselves in.

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