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Its not the leaving for Lesvos that bothers me...

I think over time when I read back over these blogs the dates will tell more of a story than I can before I travel out there, as the headlines associated with Friday the 18th of March decision to effectively criminalise people who are trying to live in freedom and escape from almost certain death, means the place I am going to help in has become an even more confused limbo, where refugees serve as tennis balls in a game between greedy men and tyrants. This uncertainty bothers me, not because of the way it has altered what I was hoping and had planned to do, but because of the uncertainty with which the EU are dictating how people should or shouldn't be allowed to live in freedom, and without fear.

Making deals to detain people in a country with a very poor record of human rights violations is not an act of support or an act that helps anyone.

It would appear we learn only from the History books if the pages have dollars between them, no dollars means no rights and no writing history.

I am going out there to try and help people in need of help because I am selfish, I like freedom you see and I want to keep it, it bothers me that a lot of people don't think other people are entitled to it and it worries me that they appear to think that someone from somewhere else shouldn't be allowed to come and live in safety and with asylum from wars not of their making. This is effectively saying that we are entitled to freedom and safety and anyone not from here isn't. Imagine that the other way around.

'Sorry sir you'll have to stay in that burning house as you aren't allowed in my garden as it's mine'

As i said its not the leaving for Lesvos that bothers me, its the fact that now it seems the people who really need to aren't allowed to, and that really isn't fair.

I am collecting to help out in whatever way I am needed out there so anything you can give to help would be ace, check link below,



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