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Pikpa painters picked a purple pot of paint for painting. And a few other colours

It's nearly midnight here. I'm knackered, i have had a very full and very useful day, I say useful because I've learned a lot today. I've learned how hard people have worked so far to keep things going, how much great infrastructure has been displaced by decision making that is clearly ignorant of what is happening on the ground, and i emphasise that the ignorant decision making hasn't been local by the looks of things, if anything quite the opposite, this islands community are wonderful and keen to help, everyone here cares. No instead the damage to the infrastructure that the NGOS had in place has been firmly delivered by selfish decision making from Further North in Europe, Brussels you either haven't a clue how damaging to humanity your decisions can be or you are just actually greedy evil bastards, because you aren't thinking of the problem as human, but numbers, and as much as I'm not a number typing this, and you're not just a number voting, these are not numbers being left in limbo. They are people, they are you and me and our children, and they don't deserve to be left like this.

I wasn't surprised that I met people today that I could happily walk past the street in Britain without blinking an eye as I was working with people just like you or me, except they are not allowed to be apparently. I'm going to take this down to basics, do you need compassion in your life? If the answer is no, then enjoy dying without anyone to see you out. If the answer is yes, then you need to voice that? We need to lobby to stop this limbo.

Today I painted and drew outlines of cartoon characters, football badges and then Arabic phrases that the kids came up with, I saw people smiling and having fun with Art, which was amazing to be part of, all ages all genders all painting, it was cool to be part of that. However i also saw another symptom of boredom amongst the youngest of the boys and that was of mischief. One little chap was quite willing to get all Jackson Pollock with the slabs, other people's work, and even the camps dog were his choice of canvas. I look forward to working with him again 😀 genuinely.

I can see so much potential through the camp, and am excited for the mural work I am going to start tomorrow. So anyway, I am falling asleep as I type this, so tomorrow I will retrospectively publish this and discuss other aspects of my rather knackering day or so. 😊 thanks for reading as well 😉

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