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Classes at LCCA

Sadly (for me anyway) the school holidays come to an end after the weekend and we are back into the academic year as of next week.

After the success of our summer schools and the evening classes run prior to the summer I am keen for these courses to continue and am offering a new series of classes over the coming weeks.

As some of you are previous 'customers' I'd like to give you all first priority on places on the courses. And to offer a nifty 10% off as a thank you. Please also feel free to pass details on to friends who may be interested as well.

In order to maximise a more tailored focus to each students particular needs I have decided to limit class sizes to a maximum of six per session.

This term I will run two separate Higher/Nat 5 (S4 & S5) Classes with six places on each. One on a Tuesday 7-9pm and another on Wednesday 7-9pm. The classes will begin on Tuesday 13th /Wednesday 14th of September and continue for 5 weeks until the weekending Friday 14th October.

As previously I will run the courses at £100 per head for the five weeks. This works out at a sum of £20 per session with paper and some drawing materials provided for all, although I am not averse to students bringing their own materials if they want to, it would also be prudent of students to bring images and objects to work from that relate to their Higher coursework.

I recently bought a license for photoshop and have a scanner so students can also now work on graphics at the gallery as well, I would also advise bringing images on a memory stick.

At any student/parents request I am happy to tutor written coursework as well.

For younger years from S1 to S3 we are also organising a Monday club this is geared towards drawing practice and creative skills, helping those in the lower years to develop their skills and enjoyment for the subject. Again a five week course will run from Monday the 12th of September from 7-9pm.

We also have a life drawing class on Thursdays which is open to our S6 only, however adults are welcome to enquire if interested art school applicants will have priority. I have asked the recently retired Mrs Stevenson to teach these classes.

I am also looking into organising an adult class on a Sunday afternoon and will keep you posted on that if of interest.

If you are interested in any of these courses please contact me asap and I will book you in and provide you with the new payment details for the gallery.

I anticipate the Higher (S4/S5) courses going quickly so if you are keen it may be best too be quick off the mark.

Thanks again

Best regards

Peter J Scott

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